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How we hosted our first workshop!

All of the decision, details, dreaming and planning that went in to our very first workshop!

HI! I am the middle sister (Katie) and I am SO excited to share about our first workshop event and the sweet beginnings of Sisterly Floral. There is a longer version of this story that I could gush on and on about all of the amazing friends and sweet blessings that got us here (and I would LOVE to tell you that version any time) but for the sake of making this a quick and easy read - I am just going to highlight the details of our first workshop.

We thought it might be a good idea to launch our new floral business with a workshop because we needed some content for social media and we wanted a fun way to get the word out about our new adventure. A wreath workshop felt like the perfect fit. We made the guest limit 30 people because we wanted it to be a fun craft night but also wanted it to feel like a comfortable sized party. Our original plan was to throw a backyard Terrain-inspired event, but when we were putting together our layout and floor plan, we realized that we were going to need a bit more floor- so we rented space from our church and it worked out PERFECTLY.

As far as supplies go, we provided:
(for each person)

  • 18 in. Grapevine wreaths

  • floral wire

  • pine cones

  • dried florals

  • floral snips

  • aprons

  • rustic cone shaped brass and silver bells

  • ribbon

Costco has awesome Christmas greenery garland that we purchased and deconstructed to use for our Christmassy greens (it was a combo of cedar and pine). We decided against our wholesaler for the rest of the greenery and florals because we only needed a small quantity and it made more sense to shop locally. We found Seeded Eucalyptus, winterberry, and red Eucalyptus from a local grocery store and then foraged some different leaves and textures from our neighborhoods and local parks. We thought it would add some personality and detail if we used glasses from our own vintage glass collections. Our AMAZING mom put together a beautiful charcuterie table and we had lemonade, ice water and coffee for our ladies to snack on while we crafted together. It felt like a dream come true with the prepped work spaces all layed out, Christmas tree smell in the air, and a happy Christmas playlist filling the room.

Finally the ladies arrived, and the party got started. Women know how to have fun together, and there is no better way to break the ice than with snacks and crafting, AMIRIGHT?! The night just seemed to flow so comfortably. We were able to share some fun ideas and techniques and watch the everyone get creative and assemble their wreaths. The night ended with a Photo Booth in front our our freshly debut’ed flower cart. The pictures from the night turned out so beautiful and just looking at them and reflecting back on that awesome night makes my heart feel all warm and cozy. We are definitely going to make this an annual event. We hope this inspires others to try something new and make their own wreaths this season with a friend or even to throw a wreath making event, because it was honestly A BLAST from the dreaming stages all the way to cleaning up and dancing to Christmas music at the end. Such an amazing way to kick off the holiday season!

🎄Merry Christmas from the sisters🎄

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